New site theme


I decided to leave my old theme behind and switch the focus of the website a bit.

My previuos theme, osprey, was more aimed for a portfolio, but I felt it made the site too business-focused.

Hello hugo-ficurinia

The current theme, hugo-ficurinia, is developed by gabmus.

Gambus is a software engineer associated with the GNOME project, and they sure know how to design things.

New theme, new tools

Switching theme also made me discover a Matomo alternative, Plausible. Both are privacy-focused tools to gather and visualise user interactions to a website.

Apart from Plausible coming pre-configured with the new theme, it is also 1/4 of the price. The lowest tier of Matomo costs ca. 20€ a month, whereas Plausible charges 5€.

In addition, the new ficurinia theme supports comments, something which I have been looking for since a while. The comments are managed by Commento, a privacy-focused chat widget.

I must say that the Hugo framework have really paid off in this regard, as the clean separation of design and content makes changing the theme an absolute breeze.

Oh, and where did the portfolio go? It is still available, however now no longer on the landing page.