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New site theme


I decided to leave my old theme behind and switch the focus of the website a bit. My previuos theme, osprey, was more aimed for a portfolio, but I felt it made the site too business-focused. Hello hugo-ficurinia The current theme, hugo-ficurinia, is developed by gabmus. Gambus is a software engineer associated with the GNOME project, and they sure know how to design things. New theme, new tools Switching theme also made me discover a Matomo alternative, Plausible. Continue reading ->

The story of a card transaction


Or, what does actually Visa and Mastercard do? During the last few years, I have worked in the German finance sector. Not in any startup, but at the well-established “old” banks, which are desperate to keep up with the quickly changing digital market. This experience have taught me a few things about the banking tech and the systems that form the basis of the financial systems in use. Recently I have gained some clarity what actually takes place when a purchase is done with a Visa card. Continue reading ->

Leaving Google Maps


In my ongoing quest of minimizing my Google dependency I have now successfully moved away from Google Maps. The change included two big steps: first choosing a different app/platform, and secondly migrate my Google Maps data. OsmAnd Initially I tried out OsmAnd, but i felt it was lacking in its UI and the user experience. I also didnt like the default map colouring scheme, which is too colourful for me. Continue reading ->