Adjust AUR source


Today I want to share how to adjust an AUR PKGBUILD script to point to a different source, for example when a fork of the original project is needed. AUR is the Arch User Repository, a community sourced list of packages to install - similar to for example Ubuntu PPAs (Personal Package Archives). The AUR offers a large number of packages, made installable by a specific script format known as PKGBUILD.

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Bluetooth headset with Linux


Since a while I am a very happy user of a Bose QuietComfort 35 II bluetooth headset. It has a wearing comfort which is beating anything which I have experienced before. Admittedly I have not used too many headsets previously, and for a long time I thought there could be nothing better. (I recently found out there could: the headset does not support the bluetooth aptX codec - more to that below)

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New site theme


I decided to leave my old theme behind and switch the focus of the website a bit. My previuos theme, osprey, was more aimed for a portfolio, but I felt it made the site too business-focused. Hello hugo-ficurinia The current theme, hugo-ficurinia, is developed by gabmus. Gambus is a software engineer associated with the GNOME project, and they sure know how to design things. New theme, new tools Switching theme also made me discover a Matomo alternative, Plausible.

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