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Adjust AUR source


Today I want to share how to adjust an AUR PKGBUILD script to point to a different source, for example when a fork of the original project is needed. AUR is the Arch User Repository, a community sourced list of packages to install - similar to for example Ubuntu PPAs (Personal Package Archives). The AUR offers a large number of packages, made installable by a specific script format known as PKGBUILD. Continue reading ->

Git Archive


I only recently realised that it is possible to fetch a complete copy of a git repository through wget/curl only. If only the content of the repository is important, this is useful, and is also commonly used. One such usage is an Arch Linux User Repository (AUR) package. Here an example with GitHub, the URL is quite self-explanatory. As last argument either a branch, or a tag can be used. Continue reading ->

Bluetooth headset with Linux


Since a while I am a very happy user of a Bose QuietComfort 35 II bluetooth headset. It has a wearing comfort which is beating anything which I have experienced before. Admittedly I have not used too many headsets previously, and for a long time I thought there could be nothing better. (I recently found out there could: the headset does not support the bluetooth aptX codec - more to that below) Continue reading ->